A Sardinian Inn You Should Stay In. 

Our north-to-south-to-north tour of Sardinia was coming to its logical end. But one final thing I really need to tell you about is the hotel we stayed at on our last night. It was the Hotel Cala di Volpe, situated in the bay of the same name – here.

First – disclaimer! In a post that will be published on Friday, I say that I ain’t bothered at all about where I stay on my many trips around the world – just the basics are sufficient. Er, oops. It’s not that simple. For sometimes I do fully appreciate get carried away by the digs we stay at – especially when they’re as good as those on our last night in Sardinia!…

Cala di Volpe – yes, it’s posh. But also very interesting – for different reasons.

For example: here you can learn a lot about (up-)market segmentation and creating and increasing the interest level in a place for a targeted demographic. Next door is Porto Cervo village. From a distance it looks like just another humble fishing village. But on closer inspection, it turns out to be one of the world’s most expensive, exclusive resorts! Once a few millionaires started moving there, a whole load of other millionaires followed them, turning the whole area into a prestigious playground of the rich, which in turn attracted more and more ever-posher things like shops, hotels, services, whatever…

But back to the hotel…

It’s architecture is unique: never seen anything like it. Its labyrinth bends and twists make you lose your mind bearings, and you can find yourself at the same spot you passed just five minutes ago – going the other way!

The hotel’s design is real nice. Its swirls and squiggles and asymmetry are all fairly bonkers. Like. It’s so different to what everyone’s used to: straight lines, straight walls, straight staircases, straight everything! Not here!

Oh my gym!

Even their fitness center is uniquely original. Bit too hot out here for me, mind.

Here’s my room. Subtly stylish, modest minimalism, practical. How I like it! Nice view too…

A fox? Why? The bay’s name – Cala di Volpe – means fox bay. Why? Because the bay was said to resemble a fox. I can’t quite make out a fox on the Google Map above, but never mind. It’s called Fox Bay, and that’s that. Anyway, the fox theme is strong in and around the bay, including in the hotel:

And that, folks, is about it from Sardinia. And like I said, though there’s a sense of completion of seeming to have seen all the touristic highlights of Sardinia due to its diminutive size, I do still want to come back anyway to have another look!

Fully relaxed, rested and rejuvenated, it was time to get back to work. Goodbye Sardinia! Till next time!…

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    Jeffrey Johnson

    The Hotel Cala di Volpe looks stunning. I am guessing that few of your readers can afford it though.

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