Ryokan with Onsen: Yes You Can, No Nonsense!

So what is an exhausted business traveler to do in Japan after a tough working week? Easy: you get yourself to a traditional Japanese ryokan!

We did the ryokan thing in the town of Hakone. I wondered at first why my super hosts chose this particular spot; I found out a little later – it’s right next to a not fully dormant volcano ).

All around here are hot springs; therefore, there are the obligatory onsen too. Indeed, every ryokan is equipped with an onsen. In short: geysers, hot pools, and chillage for both mind, body and soul.

Btw: If you’ve got any tattoos (visible!) you can’t get into public baths! Why? Well, tattoos are featured on the skin of every single yakuza member; therefore – no tats, simple as that! So just remember this when you might finally want to do a Dave Gahan and have a tattoo or 60: one day you might end up in Japan, where you’d be – very politely though firmly – shown to the door. You really need that? I mean, knock yourself out tats-wise as far as I’m concerned (many KLers sport interesting body art), but, well, I’m just warning you ).

After a nice weekend of rest and relaxation it was back on the road.

And that’s all from Japan; next up… see the next pic:

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    ombiro awuor

    nice blog but it makes me jealous because i dont have the money to travel.

    jane ombiro

    visit kenya

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