Curious Observations, Useful Conclusions.

After what has possibly been my longest ever ‘stay’ in Moscow (er, but I ‘live’ here:) – a full month! – I recently resumed my habitual routine of not being in the same place country for long. It’s good to be ‘back’; but the downtime in Moscow was great too. But I digress…

Anyway, I eased myself into the business-globetrotting thing steadily – taking not a full leap to the other side of the world, but a mere little jump not all that far away, relatively. And the first thing I noticed after landing that made me all curious was this here sign next to the lift in the offices we were visiting:


Curious? Well, for me – yes. Because I think we could do with putting such signs up in KL HQ. Why? Because some KLers take the lift down one (1) floor, when there are perfectly adequate staircases just around the corner from the lifts! And as a resident of the top – fifth – floor, I feel this… insolence acutely! It’s not as if these folks have a broken leg in plaster or are pregnant. Yes, what we need are signs put up: ‘You will save xx watts of electrical energy by taking the stairs instead of this lift’, or ‘Stairs are there to keep you fit!’, or ‘Winter – office and steps; summer – beach and beach-bod!’ You got any others to add?  :)

Anyway, back to curious sightings on my recent travels…

Am I the only one who sees binocular-robots holding their ears?

Lastly – another two questions: what do these robots allow you to observe through them out in the distance? And what useful conclusions can you make from such observations? (If you know – please don’t spoil it for the guessers just yet please!)

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