Hydrotherapy – Geneva-style.

One of Geneva’s main places of interest is the water fountain on Lake Geneva. I’ve visited Geneva five times or so… or maybe more, but definitely less than 10 times from what I remember. Anyway, I’ve been here many times before, but never had the chance to get a close-up view of the fountain. It was either not working, or I didn’t have time. But this time I finally I did it. Here it is – the fountain in all its glory.

The power of the water, noise and the spray are great! Especially on a hot sunny day.

By the way, the fountain has quite a history. The first version was installed back in 1886, though it was a somewhat smaller and simpler affair. The modern construction has been there since 1951 – wow, that means it’s 65 years old! The jet shoots up at 200 km/h and the water reaches up 140m, according to a nearby information board.


Here’s the wider setting:


This is the pleasant little Rhône River which flows out of Lake Geneva towards the sea.

Local colleagues have told me that in hot weather (when the temperature is +30C, just like it is now) people go to the beaches, and the most daring jump into the Rhône from one of Geneva’s bridges. This is the bridge:


They jump like this:


Or like this:


Or in a variety of different ways:

They then swim to the beaches or piers:

When the sluices are opened (to regulate the water level in the lake), the water in the Rhône river begins to flow visibly faster, so people pack their stuff into waterproof sacks, throw them into the water and jump in after them, floating down the river together with their belongings.


Pity I have to get going and my trunks are packed away in my suitcase that’s in a car some distance away in a parking lot… But I had to keep going – business meetings in Milan were next on my agenda. So I left it until the next time I’m in Geneva on a hot sunny day and the sluices are open :).

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    PFB Jennings

    Have been greatly enjoying your travel blogs. First came across them because of researching New Zealand — we plan to go next Feb-March.

    We have been (ordinary residential) Kasperky users for 6 or more years. Saved our skin more than once!!

    Saw your comparison of Kamchatka and NZ. My spouse worked in AK years ago, and we spent time in Homer (at end of trip). So we too will be comparing . . . And thanks for that long travelogue; will be re-visiting it, for all the information and photos.

    Your comment, in this blog entry above, about opening sluice gates makes me wonder — have you (yet) seen the Thames Barrier gigantic devices opening and closing? Seems like you would like that.

    Thx again for continuing postings; very enjoyable.

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