A bit of a breather – in Berlin.

Pheeeewwwwwww. That was a tough week. I’ve another toughie planned for the coming week too. So a good dose of tools-down and time-out was in order for a few days between the two.


Handily, I found myself in Berlin for those few days. Nice. With no work plans whatsoever. Even nicer. Been here many times, but was always too busy to get a good portion of sightseeing in.

So here, some plenty of pics of the German capital, with my usual banter commentary kept to a minimum. A bit like on Euronews: No Comment.


Modern-day hippies live over on that side of the river Spree. They always have, and always will. Over there is their base:

You’ll all know what this is in the below pics. Still looks as somber and grim as it always did. I do very much hope there’ll never be anything like it again carving up the city…

… And that there’ll never be a reason to erect such equally grim and somber monuments:



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