Kamchatka-2015: Snow caves and tunnels.

I think Kamchatka’s snow caves and tunnels are worthy of a post of their own…

A lot of snow falls in Kamchatka. A heck of a lot. And in some places infinitesimal quantities – dozens of meters deep. Now, all that snow… some a lot of it of course falls onto the many hot streams here (that is, streams with underground heating – very posh:), and what you get is a maze of tunnels under the snowdrifts. And the snow in which the tunnels are made doesn’t have time to melt during the Kamchatkan spring, and sometimes – even during summer (since there’s just so much of it). Enter us! Who dutifully entered said snow tunnels!

Check out the pics…


The water that drips down from the snow-roof – yum!

Twists and turns of the tunnels, and sometimes a bright turquoise effect caused by the sun – all very unique and stunning.


The brightly colored sections of the roof of course mean that the snow there isn’t very thick at all – and could fall in at any moment. Therefore it’s wise not to get too close to such parts, taking pics from a safe distance.



Apparently there are many such snow grottoes dotted all over Kamchatka, but it’s normally tricky finding their entrances. So I guess we were lucky enough up on Kambalny ridge to pass such an entrance, and I hope you will be too when you come and visit Terra Incognita!

The rest of the An-Kam-2015 pics are here.


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