Unexpectedly I am 49!

It might have come exactly on schedule, but my 49th birthday was still something of a surprise.

After all, it’s quite a date … and it inspired some feelings of awe and bewilderment. Does it really mean I’m going to be 50 next? Wow! I guess I should start preparing for that. It’s a good round number, but given my profession it’s more appropriate to count in hexadecimal numbers. Suddenly I’m about 31 again – which looks much nicer. Maybe from now on I should count my age in hexadecimal numbers; I’ll worry less, and people won’t feel they have to organize a big 50th birthday for me any time soon :)

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!

This year’s birthday turned out quite unusual – for all my travels, it was the first time I celebrated my birthday while on the road. There was only time for a small dinner before boarding, then I was back on the road again.

I think that’s all for now. Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes!

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    Podrías tener la sabiduría para comportarte de acuerdo a tu edad y tener la edad para olvidarte de la sabiduría. Feliz cumpleaños.!!


    Happy birthday!


    happy happy happy birthday ! yeah…I was 51 last year, but this year I’ll be 34 Nov 7TH !

    Stelios Dasos (DASOS)

    Happy birthday!!!! And thank you for a great Antivirus!!!

    I’m at 4 of October 1963!


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