You can’t go wrong with Hong Kong.

It had been what seems like eons since I’d checked into a hotel which I simply had to tell you about separately due to its specialness. I get to stay in some real nice hotels on my travels, it has to be said, but only once a blue moon do I come across one that’s just… exceptionally and extraordinarily exquisite :).

So I must show you a few pics of where we were last week. We were in Hong Kong, having our APAC Partner Conference – in the HK InterContinental on the shore of Kowloon. And, oh, by the hammer of Thor, what views it offered of the skyscrapers across the bay. I won’t come up with OTT adjectives, I’ll just let you have a look for yourselves…

One thing I will say is that these views never fail to impress no matter if it’s day or night, or clear and sunny, or during a typhoon! It’ll be here we’re staying at next time, that’s for sure…


Hong Kong by night





Hong Kong by night

Hong Kong by night

Hong Kong by night

Hong Kong by night

More skyscraper pics.

No idea where to stay in Hong Kong? Try this hotel: Tweet

I don’t think you need telling about the conference. It was useful, as ever, but not especially different from others: speeches, meetings, and so on. But at the gala dinner everyone really went for it in full-on party mode – perfectly politically correct, of course.

Kaspersky Lab APAC partner conference

Kaspersky Lab APAC partner conferencePost-modern PowerPoint

Kaspersky Lab APAC partner conference

Kaspersky Lab APAC partner conference

And straight after that conference we were off to another event. But that’s a topic for a separate post…

Back soon!

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    Nice pics! So what about the hotel besides the view was so good?

    Johannes Knapp

    Hong Kong is just one of the most amazing cities in the world! :) I really enjoyed your pictures from the skyline which is always great to see. Can’t wait to be in HK again.

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