A Business Mecca Through The Eyes Of A Tourist.

Davos (and if you’re really with it, the stress will be on the second syllable).

What do people who follow the news know about this place? Yes, only from the news! Davos…forum, economics, politics, anti-globalization, police. The place bursts to life like a geyser on Kamchatka – not very often, but when it does, you know about it.


Well, I was here too. For the first two days as a tourist, then things get a bit more serious…

This center of world politics and business is currently in the depths of winter and looks more like an ultra-modern ski resort. Mountains, valleys, ski lifts, skiers, snowboarders and so on. It’s a small mountain hamlet. Very small…but with its own railway (I really need to take a ride), conference center and some visible building sites with a total of five cranes working at various points around the town. Not your usual resort…

And right now there is a lot of snow. It’s hardly surprising for the mountains, but if 20-25 cm of snow falls overnight in any town, you’d better watch out! Everyone here just put on tire chains and carried on driving as normal. But we had no chains and getting up the hill in a car with poor handling certainly got the adrenalin going… Going downhill was even worse, but we lived to tell the tale.

This is how much snow fell overnight!

Snowfall in Davos

But they say that in Austria, where we arrived from yesterday was complete ‘Innsbruck-geddon’. The guys at AV-Comparatives said it was a pity we had to leave so quickly – otherwise, we could have hung around for a few days of fun. All the roads were closed.

A photo of Innsbruck-geddon:


Some other photos from Davos.

This train just blew my mind!!

Hakone Tozan Railway

It only dawned on me later that in Hakone (I was there in February 2008) there’s a unique mountain railway that is a partner of a Swiss railway company.

Bohemian railway

And here are the final photos from this quaint business/ski resort named Davos:

Davos resort

Davos Ski Resort

Davos Ski Resort

There is so much snow and ice that they were handing out these rather glamorous ice crampons to the delegates of the economic forum!

ice crampons

The rest of the photos are here.

That’s all for now. Catch you later!


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    Mário Madrigrano Jaber

    Dear Eugene Kaspersky …

    I must admit that besides being an excellent mathematician and computer scientist, is also an accomplished “photographer” and I would not be surprised if I reveal anything that made these pictures for a camera phone.
    A photo well done and focused not necessarily depend on a professional camera with many features, but the sensitivity and talent who captures images.
    Thank you for these and so many more photos.

    Greetings …

    Mario Madrigrano Jaber


    This was done with a simple Panasonic DMC-LX5. Highly recommended by the owner :)
    I just press the button – that’s all I know I should do with the camera. Seriously!

    Mário Madrigrano Jaber

    Dear Eugene …

    That’s what I thought …
    Everything in our brief existence is only a matter of talent.
    “Or you can do something well or do not know!”
    Thank you for your kind response.

    Greetings Friends …

    Mario Madrigrano Jaber

    Courtney Mara

    Great photos and insight into the other side of Davos!

    Courtney Mara

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