The Third Wave.

A little on the business.

It just so happened (how else?!) that our product line and business generally developed in a series of “waves”.

First, from 1997 to the early 2000s, came the “anti-virus engine licensing” wave. Since breaking out into the international market with our products was at first very difficult (affected by our being largely unknown and by prejudices related to our country of origin), we licensed our AV engine to IT security companies  (and did rather well at this!).

The income from our technology sales was spent in the main on development and promotion of our personal products (less attention was paid to the development of corporate products back then) – and this was the second wave (by the end of the 2000s-).

Then, the retail business and and online sales simply “blown up”. Since then,and bringing us up to the current era, the corporate business has finally begun to take off. And this is our third wave.

And now, ladies and gentlemen! Especially those who’ve long been waiting for our new breakthrough in the corporate segment.

Here it is – public beta-testing of two new corporate products has just begun:

Endpoint Security 8 
Endpoint Security 8

Click here for more screenshots

Security Center 9

Security Center 9

Click here for more screenshots

With loads of new features, there’ll be few potential or existing customers staying indifferent

Here’s the most  delicious stuff:

1. Improved protection of corporate desktops. In addition to the traditional anti-virus technologies there are now also the following:

  • Application control (synchronization with the security policy, categorization, rules, group policies, and more)
  • Advanced cloud-based protection technology
  • White lists

2. The move towards full-fledged and multifaceted corporate functionality continues.

  • Device control (the first fruit borne of our own DLP – access control over specific devices, types of devices, and more)
  • Web control (control over who, why, and when someone connects to the Internet, and what sites they visit; rules, scheduling, etc.)
  • Centralized vulnerabilities search

3. Yet further features related to administration (Security Center 9)

  • Internal virtualization (many admin servers in one)
  • VMware support (differentiating between physical and VMware machines, load optimization – from protection of desktops to the whole VMWare infrastructure, and more)
  • Web-interface

More details?

Endpoint 8:
Security Center 9:
(Here you can find links to the software  downloads)

General information and discussion are here:
Endpoint 8:
Security Center 9:

To discuss specific technical questions – please – only on the forum, not on the blog. Thanks!

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