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This is the list of confirmed upcoming general and industry-specific events. I’d be happy to see you there! If you’d like to set up a meeting with me or other Kaspersky Lab experts, or to be sent an event invitation, please contact me.

weforum-logo.db90160d8175c5a08cdf6c621e387d18World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland /  22-25 January

I’m sure there’s no other event like this one for bringing together business leaders and top officials from all over the world. For me, it’s a great chance to compare notes with policy makers and leading thinkers, to meet new people, and to catch up with everything that’s trending in the world of big business and politics. This year we’ll be focusing on the fast-paced changes our world faces today.




Cybertech-2014, Tel Aviv, Israel / 27-28 January

This is a great opportunity to see what is going on in the vibrant cybersecurity industry, to discuss the most pressing issues, and to remind everyone that we are firmly on top of our game :).

It’s a get-together for experts, the top thinkers, public figures and, of course, all sorts of private companies from optimistic start-ups to the behemoths of the business.




Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit, Dominican Republic / 9-13 February 

We are here to save the world, or at least to protect everyone from cyberthreats! This is an ambitious and complex task and that’s why, among other things, we are holding a summit with leading anti-malware researchers, developers and law enforcement officers. Sharing expertise and working together at the highest levels is the only way we can defeat the bad guys and bring down cybercrime.


150px-Logo_CeBIT.svgCEBIT-2014, Hannover, Germany / 10-14 March 

CeBIT has held a special place in my heart ever since my first trip here back in 1992. In those days I was a young computer scientist from Russia, a country which was just beginning to open up to the world. The whole event was an amazing experience for me. In 1996, we signed our first major OEM contract at CeBIT. And to this day, it remains probably the world’s largest computer Expo, and one of the most important events of the year for anyone in high-tech and software industry. I simply can’t miss it.


bnr1Suite and Spooks Forum, Singapore, 20-21 March

This conference is primarily devoted to corporate security and protecting businesses against cyber-espionage. It’s no accident that we’re going to Singapore – the city-state is now the home of INTERPOL’s brand new cyber-division, something I’ve long been calling for. The new agency is called the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation, and we’ve already started working together. I’m sure that teamwork like this is the right way to defeat cybercrime.


formula-1-logoFormula One Russia Grand Prix, Sochi / 12 October

What can I say? I love Formula 1, and I really like Singapore. It is a crazy race, held at night at city streets. Last time Fernando Alonso came second, and I hope to see a Ferrari car winning the 2014 race.


formula-1-logoFormula One Singapore Grand Prix / 21 September

Start your engines! At long last, after years of talks and rumors, Russia is finally getting its own Grand Prix. It’s not actually the first time this has happened, but only a serious petrol-head would be able to tell you that in 1913 Russia’s Georgy Suvorin won a Grand Prix in imperial St. Petersburg. He was driving for Benz, a team which I understand is the great-great-great-granddad (or great-great-great-great-uncle) of the current Mercedes AMG team. But with all due respect, I’m desperately hoping for a different winner this time around.